Using without jQuery and Underscore

Thanks to Exoskeleton, Chaplin can be used without any dependencies other than Exoskeleton (Backbone) itself.

Exoskeleton is a faster and leaner Backbone for your HTML5 apps. It targets newer (IE9+) browsers, incorporates great new features and speed updates and plays great with Chaplin.

Instead of including 40K of gzipped javascript before Chaplin, you just need to include 8K — that's almost five times less!

To use Chaplin with Exoskeleton without dependencies on Underscore and jQuery:

  • If you are using AMD (not Brunch): Define dummy underscore and jQuery modules before application start:
  define('jquery', function(){});
  define('underscore', ['backbone'], function(Backbone){
    return Backbone.utils;
  • If you are using Brunch:

    1. Install exoskeleton: bower install -s exoskeleton
    2. Add override of chaplin dependencies to bower.json:
    "overrides": {
      "chaplin": {"dependencies": {"exoskeleton": "*"}}

Example commit of switching Backbone app (Brunch) to Exoskeleton shown here: paulmillr/ostio@514ba8